Would You Like Two 5 Figure Per Month-Earning

Internet Marketers To Simply Guiding You

To Set Up Your Very Own

Profitable Email Marketing Business

Within The Next 90 Days?


Dear Online Freedom Seeker,



You probably think this is too good to be true.

We understand if you're feeling doubtful, we were once like you,
sitting in front of the computer reading outrageous headlines.
But the bottom line is this.
The Fastest and Simplest Way To Make a Full Time Income Online Is To Get A Mentor or a Coach. Period.

It is not only the fastest, but literally The Only Way to Success in Solo Ad Marketing.
Out of 200-300 Marketers in this field, we don't know a single marketer turning profits without mentorship.
The question we have for you is this ...
Why settle for one Mentor when you can have Two? 


We know it's crazy frustrating trying to get started online. 

No matter how many offers, products, techniques, methods, strategies or everything you have ever known and tried... you always end up failing.

You keep jumping to the next offer and new release,  just trying your luck, hoping that you will HIT something!

You know what?  We were right where you are sitting now, reading something like this and hoping this might be the answer. 


"So We Are About To Reveal the Strategies That Made Us

Earning 5 Figures Per Month Being

Less Than 10 Months In This Industry.

... Most Importantly:

How YOU Can Achieve Such Results For Yourself."


Now you'd expect a dramatic story about our Personal Lives ...

... telling you how we both were working multiple jobs, 7 days a week and we finally found the secret to success.

While it would be 100% true, we will spare you the details, because now it's about You.

We want to show you how it's possible for you to:

  • Quit your Day Job and free yourself of Employment once and for all.
  • Force you to Increase your Business Results to $5,000 , $10,000 or more.
  • Pay your bills, finally becoming worry-free.
  • Spend more quality time with Friends and Family.
  • Travel the world or maybe get that dream car you have always wanted but could never afford.

"We Will Get You Straight To

The REAL Methods That Most

Coaching Programs Hide From You."

This is not something we just randomly stumbled upon.

This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme or whatever you want to call it.
This business is a tested and proven blueprint for creating a full-time income online.
For getting this far, we went through a lot of pain, struggle and sleepless nights this year.
It's our life's work. One that we hold dear and are 100% grateful for having.
But we both had a revelation.
You see my friend, because of the struggles we have both endured in life we strongly believe in challenging the status quo. It saddens us to see people who truly wished to work hard for their dreams, only to be lied to or being showed the wrong path, and they only get to live a mediocre life.
We all live only once and I wanted to make my life a meaningful one.
It's our duty, obligation, and our responsibility to help others become full-time online Entrepreneurs.

And so.

"Introducing ..."


This is a straight to the point, action-packed, content-rich, tested & proven business model to easily make $5-10,000 per month,

even if you have no business or marketing experience and only basic computer knowledge.

It’s hard to come up with a system by yourself - but it's EASY to model and copy what we have done, and start making a full-time income online.

The best parts of starting this business model are:
  • To have an Evergreen Income that will last for years and years to come, without having the worry of getting fired or losing it all due to an economic downturn.
  • This is the fastest and most reliable to make money online that does not require hours of research and has zero overhead.
  • To have something that is Concrete and Reliable, removing any concern that your business will go to bust when you least expect it.
  • It's Tested and Proven to work for anyone regardless of age, income or technical skill.
  • It's totally in Your Own Control and that is Extremely Scalable, letting you have all the income you desire, with you setting your own limits.
  • How to dig up the Real Gold online and completely maximize your back end sales (this is where the real profits lie).
  • The secrets used by us to make steady sales every single day online - you will learn the 7 Things that you must incorporate in your marketing business which makes people trust them and happily buy from you over and over again.
  • These systems are Guaranteed to work if you put in the small amount of effort that you need to.
  • You will learn what only a handful of people know on the planet when it comes to profitable email marketing
  • And much much more....

"What Exactly Is Solo Ad University?"

Before we get into the details, we want to be crystal clear about what this is NOT.

This business is NOT about:
  • Some CPA or Affiliate Marketing Strategy, where you are using other people's products and making THEM earn thousands.
  • MLM or Recruiting or Sponsoring, where you only collect commissions when you recruit and training videos in those programs are all about to how to recruit. What happens if this company disappears? Your income disappears too cause it has never been your own business.
  • Product creation and launches, where you have to create pdf after pdf priced at only $7-$47 or so and hoping you hit a home run everytime, worrying about funnel conversions and exposure.
  • Blogging or SEO, are you really willing to spend countless hours figuring out how to rank on Google while knowing you are one algorithim change away from having your business eradicated? This isn't a stable business you want to rely on.
They're none of the above, but just a simple, straightforward method of doing things.
  • This is NOT a collection of outdated marketing techniques that may have worked back in 2001 - this is what we are doing RIGHT NOW to make 5-figures a month online.
  • This is NOT a bunch of untested theories or wild ideas  - you’ll only find our tested and proven strategies we personally use.
  • This is NOT a guide on how to scam people, rip them off or otherwise promise them the world or take the money and run - if you are looking to start a “business” that way, you’re in the wrong place.
  • This is NOT offering something where you push a button and cash falls from the sky, instant riches without any effort or work at all. Email marketing is an honest, serious business that requires YOU to take action to make it happen.
  • This is NOT a pile of old, rehashed useless strategies, stolen and recycled from a bunch of other marketing get rich quick courses, by people who have made hardly anything (or even nothing) online - this is from two marketers who makes more per month  than most people make in a YEAR at their full time job.

"However, For One Important Reason,

This Isn't For Everyone..."


This is not a push-button magic machine. You learn how to grow your own business following our detailed guidance.

This method takes work, dedication, willpower and passion for success.
You'll have us to guide you every single step of the way, you'll also be in a Mastermind Group full of people like you, achieving the same thing:
Scaling up your Email Marketing Business from scratch to achieve a full income.

So if you're looking for a cheap, fast way to earn money, please just close this window right now, this is not for you.

However, I believe time and energy are important to you, and you have
other responsibilities that need doing before you can sit and work on the system.
You must be able to take responsibility for your actions in life, online and offline.

You must be able to set aside a minimum of 1 hour a day.

You must be able to have one hour a day to set aside for a better future. We think that is a pretty darn good investment.

You must be willing to own and control your own business.


"Imagine What You Will Do With The Freedom

To Live Life On Your Terms."

  • Would you treat yourself to that vacation or cruise you never could afford but had always dreamed of going on?
  • Would you finally purchase that dream home you had imagined so many times in your mind?
  • Would you take some time away for yourself just to unwind and indulge in your favorite foods?
  • Would you surprise your spouse with a weekend getaway to an exclusive resort?
  • Would you spoil your family with gifts the way you had always imagined you would when you made it?
  • Would you finally buy that luxury car you always said you would like a Mercedes or maybe you would prefer a Tesla?

 "But Don't Take Our Word For It ...

Here Is What Our Students Are Saying:"


"Thanks To You We Were Able To Increase Everything ~ Our Sales, Our Subscriber-List, Our Click Through Rates. That's Awesome, We Improved Our Service And Our Clients Are Happy"

Enrico Lugnan, Italy ~ www.toplifesoloads.com

"It Has Taken My Business To a Whole New Level.

There Is Just One Word From Me For Their Coaching Program

And That's MINDBLOWING. Go For It!"

Stefan Gwiggner, Austria ~ www.nextlevelsoloads.com

"After My First Coaching Call, My View On The Industry Had Drastically Changed.  With Their Help You Will Have A Proven Plan To Success And I Can Highly Recommend This Coaching Program."

Klaus Strasser, Austria ~ www.klaussoloads.com

"Better Deliverability, Revenue and Profits! The Guys Will Get You The Right Focus To Get Your Solo Ad Business From Zero To Success."

Stefano Pierro, Italy ~ www.toplifesoloads.com

 "What About

Established Marketers Of The Industry?"

"I Was Making $5,000-$7,000. Now I Am Making Close To $8,000-$10,000.

It's Pretty Much Impossible For You Not To Make Money With Their Coaching Program."

Jeremy JT, USA

"Thank You For Providing Such Great Quality Traffic And Coaching, Vincent & Marvin!"

Vinh Luu, Australia


"We help Beginners all over the World.
Not being a Native English Speaker?
No Problem."


"So How Exactly Would

Solo Ad University

Force Me To My Success?"


- Weekly 1 On 1 Coaching

we will talk with you once a week via Skype to review your process,
get you forward and answer all of your questions.

- 24/7 Communication

You will get our support almost 24/7 daily to answer your questions via Email or Facebook.
(Unfortunately we're human and need 3 hours of sleep sometimes)
We will also stay in touch to always keep track of your progress.

- In Depth-Video Training

You will get access to a series of in-depth videos
which explain every necessary step you have to do in extraordinary detail, so
you can build your business easily, step by step. Since you'll gain access for
a lifetime, you will also have access to all of our future video updates and our
latest guides for building your own business.

- Affiliate Training & Network Invites

We will show you how you can successfully monetize your own email list and
generate money from Affiliate offers. In order to get access to the best
converting offers, we will invite you to private networks
which work by invitation-only.

- Advertising & Branding Training

We will teach you how to establish yourself as a trusted, reliable and
known solo ad provider among the industry and will show you
everything that matters about your email marketing brand. Entirely, based on free exposure without paid advertisement.

- Acquisition Training

We will introduce you to a number of top notch-marketers
and will show you where and how you can find sellers and buyers,
so you already know all the reliable sources you need to know
in order to sustain and to massively grow your business.

- Autoresponder Perfection

We will teach you how to perfectly optimize your email autoresponder to a level
where it becomes almost impossible to ever lose the great email-deliverability
you once had signed up for when you started with your account.

- Back Up Plans To Protect Your Business

We will learn how to avoid unexpected shutdowns, expensive and stressful attempts
of shifting your subscriber-list to another service. To even back this up, we will
already provide you with a number of solutions to quickly
solve every potential issue with your autoresponder.

- Free Updates On Our Coaching Program. Forever.

While many coaches tend to show you outdated information that doesn't apply
to the condition of the current Solo Ad industry anymore, we will teach you the
Ins and Outs of email writing, the Do's and Dont's and my personal secret methods
which set us apart from other vendors, based on the market RIGHT NOW.
  Wewill also update you on every relevant change
that you absolutely need to be aware of.


"If You Desire To Finally Earn An Online Income

And Embrace The Internet Lifestyle,

Here’s What To Do Next."

All you do is click on the ‘Yes, I Want To Get Succeed Now!’ button below,
and you’ll go through our secure payment server.

The rest is up to You.

If you’re happy to stay with the pack, remain ‘one of the crowd’, blend in and scrape for rest of your life for an ordinary income, by all means, go back to FaceBook or YouTube, or the other emails you got today, and completely ignore this Professional Opportunity, seriously encouraging you to become an independent Online-Entrepreneur with all the benefits.

After all, we can’t help everyone - and we only want to work with those people who are absolutely dedicated to their success.
Those who will do whatever it takes to move forward.

Your Future Mentors and Business Partners,

Marvin Adam and Vincent Waszak

Solo Ad University



P.S. Graduate from Solo Ad University and it will take you from absolutely 0 knowledge, to having earned the skills to earn $5,000 or $10,000 or more online, in the clearest, step-by-step instructions, possibly even with this becoming your very first online business.

You'll not only get our complete program, (which will be constantly updated), you'll get complete access

to our support 24/7 which will jump-start your online efforts ten-fold.

If you follow our steps from start til end, you will be able to multiply your investment many times over.


P.P.S. There are multiple reasons why you should invest into your own Success.

1) It tells us that you're serious about succeeding online and you're the kind of person who knows that you have to succeed. We will make sure you get there, because we will dedicate our time to help you grow, plus the whole amazing and helpful community.

2) Frankly, investments keeps tire-kickers out. This means that the people in our community are 100% legitimate entrepreneurs who know the worth of being a part of a group that has one similar goal in mind: To Succeed 100%

3) We both together have invested over $25,000 into online education at times in our lives when we could barely afford anything (else), so we think that we are giving a lot of value to this industry by providing you with such a cheap deal being able to just take our experience, making it yours at a much, much cheaper rate than we could ever have dreamed of when the both of us started.


P.P.P.S. A few last words before we go...

Every journey begins with a single step, and that single step is always the hardest.

Few realize that after taking that one step, the second step is much easier.

Before you know it you'll start running and that first step you were trying to take seems like nothing anymore.

We believe this is the first step you will want to take to get you running to YOUR dreams.

Dreams you've always wanted to achieve.

What we are telling you right now to stop dreaming, get up, take that first step and start making that dream a reality.


For Questions, you can reach us here:


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