How I Went From A Struggling Film Intern Making $300 A Month
To Growing
My First Online Business To Over $100,000 In Year 1
From My Children's Room, As 'A Green As Hell' Beginner

Hi, my name is Marvin Adam and this is the most honest success-story you will find on the web.

Before you read this I want you to understand that I couldn't be any further away from being a "prodigy". You will find out why in a few seconds. See, if I became a rocket scientist, there would have been many crashes. I am average by all means and I am 100% convinced that everything I have achieved can be replicated by literally anyone globally and I have seen it happening over and over.

Let's Start From The Beginning Though.

I grew up in a German town near Braunschweig recently famous for homicides, shootouts and an unemployment rate over 10%. The workforce depends on local steel or car businesses, hustling rotating shifts like most of my family.

I was mainly raised by my grandmother and mum. My father was an alcoholic and so I experienced a childhood that nowadays I can say had its ups and its extreme downs.

Growing up in a diverse mix of addiction and misery around me, I could never picture myself following the regular, traditional road that seemed to be a no-brainer to everyone else: "Go work at Volkswagen. A Safe job, a safe income!"

Volkswagen to me meant a job I don't care for in an industry I was not passionate about, in a city I don't care for either. Something in me always craved for creative expression in a visual sense, but there was no place for that in my state.

So after finishing school I applied nationwide to work on filmsets in all kinds of jobs. I started working 14-16 hour days regularly in my first internship, making $300 a month in a city where the lowest of rents for, you could say
"a hole in the wall", was ... $400 minimum.

 I lived in an abandoned part of the company's building that employed me, in an empty room on a moldy mattress at 15 °C (59 °F) without heating because I couldn't afford it. Needless to say, this was not really the life that I pictured for myself either.

My first steps in the corporate world were a rollercoaster of exploitation, serving greedy choleric bosses and engaging inside massive shark tanks - aka the film industry. After 3 years of moving to different cities and countries 6 times I decided to put an end to this, realizing it would require me to fully enslave myself for the next 15-20 years only to reach a position where I could eventually leverage my network and influence then to maybe, some day, direct my own movie.
If I was lucky.

I Had To Change My Life Drastically.

One day I experienced a huge relevation in Berlin, days before I would start another film job robbing me off of my time and energy. I confronted myself and asked myself these questions. "What is it that I really want out of life?" The answers were so simple. "I want time freedom. I want to artistically express myself. Enjoy time with friends and family.
Travel and see the world. Be independent." 

What I realized was that everything comes down to. Time. It's the only value we cannot put aside. I knew I could make alot of money as an entrepeneur, of course that would be another goal in order to finance my own projects. Most importantly though I longed for a lifestyle of freedom. I can make all the money in the world today or in 10 years, but a minute, hour, day, week, month or year with the people I love and care about ...
What can I say - when time passes, it's gone forever.

A couple of brainstorms later, my conclusions let me to ...

What you read next will have you facepalming for a couple of minutes. I found out about the basics of solo ads. Essentially a solo ad business provides email ad space to marketers who want to advertise their products or services via email. I learned it could be automated and scaled very easily. Slowly I started to see light at the end of the tunnel and got euphoric because suddenly everything seemed to fall into place for me:


"I got it all figured out!", I thought. "I will move back to my mum to save on rent and dedicate my time entirely to starting an online business." My mum saved up some money for my 18th birthday that I never made use of that I forgot in some savings account and so I decided to consider it my business budget.

Then of course I stumbled upon an online program. 

Have you ever heard of "Shiny Object Syndrome"?

Long story short, I ran into the next best "Guru" and paid him all of my remaining savings. Over $4000. All gone. The advice I received on how to actually run the business was terribly misleading and resulted in even more risk on losing more money following what was taught.

All Was Lost.

June 2016.

At that point I already ran the business miserably for six months, lost all my savings and got into debt due to making losses constantly. The pressure to fix my situation became unreal. I had to start thinking outside the box.

So I took a step back for an entire month and paused all business activities. I ignored everything this online program advised me to do and acted as if it never existed. I started to watch every move my competitors made like a possessed online stalker (in a good way!) to figure out what the winners did right and the losers did wrong.

30 days after observing the solo ad market like a lunatic I repositioned my brand: New name. New pricing. More emphasis on results and service. Before, I competed to be the "McDonalds" of Solo Ads, but now I aimed to be the Gucci of Solo Ads. I wanted to only serve the highest quality possible to only those who could really afford it now.

Since I had no money left to advertise, I needed to get creative and started promoting my traffic service as if my life depended on it. How? I took any tiny little piece of "positive feedback" and shaped it into a mini testimonial. Posting it across all social media in the right places would attract more clients to get the ball rolling.

Imagine a snowball going downhill. It accelerates and grows, the faster it goes and this is kind of how it felt like. More testimonials would lead to more clients. More clients would lead to more testimonials. Suddenly I found myself in a powerful loop of organic growth. Soon my organic outreach was that big, I would attract sales every single day even doing absolutely nothing to promote myself anymore.

One month after my 30 day-break I would go from $0 to over $3000 in July. This was my turning point.

I Became Unstoppable.

New clients led to new relationships and referrals. The results my ads could generate now would soon be shared among marketers who were complete strangers to me. The following month had me almost doubling my numbers,  followed by making $7000+ in September.

At this point, all I worked towards was to hit the magical 5 figure mark for my birthday in November.

Well. I underestimated the situation.

In October I would hit $15,000 already, followed by over $27,000 in November 2016. 

I couldn't believe my eyes.

I know. You must have so many questions right now.

"How can this guy struggle to make a consistent income, then take a month off,
come back and scale to $27,000/month in just 5 months?" 

That's a good question. 

Let's face it.

99% of all online marketers couldn't grow an attractive brand if they had 24 hours a day to focus on it. It's one thing to provide a valuable service, but it doesn't turn you into a convincing sales machine that will attract customers over night. 

My business exploded like it did because I managed to combine all relevant traits at once. My service was way above industry standards, proven to be "high quality" and I could walk the talk, showcasing over 200 testimonials very soon.

I figured that in order to make myself heard I needed to go all in on every opportunity that crossed my way. What I mean by that is that hoping and praying for sales was not enough.

A popular marketer on YouTube did a big solo ad-test and out of 20 solo ad providers I got him the best results by far. Sometimes clients even compared 30 different traffic sources and told me about my superior campaign results I got them.

Start Of A New Passion.

At first I would help my Solo Ad buddies I met along the way and soon realize that they would manage to double or even triple their income just like me, adapting to my ways of running their own business. So I documented my complete journey, going back to "what the losers did wrong and the winners did right" and recorded a step-by-step education program, starting a new business from scratch.

Going past the annual six figure treshold encouraged me to teach others who are as determined as I was to break out of the education system. I came up with a strategy to replicate my unique way of growing a solo ad brand because at some point I realized that I would highly enjoy consulting others to grow their own solo ad brand.

Experiencing what it means to break $1000 per day, having apartments in two beautiful countries at the same time and enjoying time freedom is amazing, but it's even more fulfilling helping others to achieve that same lifestyle too, sharing the experience.

So I decided to launch Solo Ad University and soon beginners all over the world would benefit from my education program to launch their businesses, even surpassing the kind of numbers I saw in my first months - by far.

Zion from Florida, a fellow marketer who became my client years ago caught up with me and challenged me to become my next success-story. Little did I know that he would reach heights I've never seen before in month 1: $8,000 after 30 days on zero ad costs and zero experience running a solo ad business before. 

Hassan from South Carolina would take my advice with his own twist and bring in $4000 in new business within only a single week, not even owning a website for his brand at the time. It's stories like these that opened my eyes to the untapped potential of this industry which still really is a hidden gold mine.

I could go on and on telling you about the incredible results my students achieved, but I want you to see it for yourself more than anything else. So for the last time, let me get real cheesy here because this is honestly just how I feel:

I hope my personal story inspired you to start your journey to freedom too, because every day passed without taking action is just another day you won't get back, dreaming of how great things could be for you and that won't get you anyhwere fast.

Hope you could gain a new insight from my story and thank you for staying until the end.

The free masterclass below will teach you how to start this yourself.

Not next month, not next year. Right now.

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